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Flags, Feather Flags, Beach flags, Wind dancers, call them what you will….

New hardware supplier and new print machines mean new prices.
Store and Garage Forecourt flags  any size.
e.g 200cm x 80cm. 5 pieces @ £23.90 each.
knitted polyester, washable, uv light resisit inks.
Feather flags/Beach flags/Sail flags.
e. g small  size 2 pieces @ £49.90 each plus bases from £8.00  to £25.00
       275cm pole included.
Medium 30cm pole  @ 69.00 plus base.
      extra large 2 pieces  @ £89.90 each plus bases from £8.00 to £25.00
      610cm pole included.
plus carriage and vat.


The rectangle Economy Flag is an excellent budget flag that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for showrooms, exhibitions, shops, and anywhere else free-standing marketing is needed.
Includes bespoke-printed graphic on Knitted Polyester
Lightweight and easy to assemble
Easy to transport
Black pole and base
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Easy push-fit assembly
Hollow base which becomes stable when filled with sand or water
The low cost of the product helps keep your prices attractive to your customers while still allowing you great profit margins.
The graphic is made from one piece of flag material, securely stitched on the top and left side to form the right-angled, two-pocket shape. A single eyelet is added in the bottom corner closest to the pole, to allow the flag to be secured to the pole using a bungee tie.





Rectangle economy flag one side print complete……………………..

1 @ £59.00 inc pole, base, flag

5 @ 49.90 all plus vat and carriage.

All shapes, sizes of flags and banners custom made.
Different materials for difficult conditions, wind,
rain and sun. Flag poles for ground and wall fitting.
medium .large XL

various shapes and heights.

  •  sales@adflags.eu     info@adflags.eu   Tel: 07711685239 direct.
  • Artwork costs included if supplied in template file.
  • Teardrop special
Flags as events Signage.
Making sure that everyone can find their way to the start, and finish as well as the toilets, refreshment tents, water stations or food stalls is important. Events organisers can control the flow of people to key areas and reduce the load on stewards and officials directing people to where they need to go. Whether you use PVC banners, PVC mesh on scaffold or even feather flags to guide people to key areas, it’s important to plan in advance and work out the signage you need to ensure the event is a success.


 TEL:0044(0)7711685239  or sales@adflags.eu


or 07711685239

 all costs + vat 

small. medium . large in all shapes.

small. medium . large in all shapes.

 All costs from correct artwork supplied.



Teardrop shapes only





Telescopic Pole and Flag Complete.

 TEL:0044(0)7711685239  or sales@adflags.eu

Mobile Telescopic rotating pole complete with flag and base.
Mobile Telescopic rotating pole complete with flag and base. Total height 540cm.

INCLUDING secure carriage.


Rectangular Sail flags.

Rectangular Sail flags.





 TEL:0044(0)7711685239  or sales@adflags.eu

euroflags_1_A_Portable_Sail_bowflag_SFsail flags 3Rec


 TEL:0044(0)7711685239  or sales@adflags.eu

Water_filled_and_cross_base_A X_water_base
070301‘    “Just to let you know that we are extremely happy with the flags!I was expecting them to be much smaller and thinner fabric so I was really surprised with the end result. Also, I was not expecting a bag with it so now we can transport the flags easily to the coach station for the tour departures and have a beautiful display! We look awesome!”“Just to say a big thank you to you and the team for the entire services. Also thank you for the patience and suggestions offered with the design. We have displayed the flags at the arcade we are based at and our neighbours are also interested in getting flags so we will send them your way for sure! “Many Thanks again from Indigo and we wish you great success!

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